October, 2018
Marine Facade the shore of Nevskaya Guba,
Vasilyevskiy island, Building 1


is dedicated to the discussion and finding solutions of social and business issues and problems of sport area
The forum program is
it is an opportunity to exchange opinions about the current economic situation in the industry, to share practical experience, and focus on particularly acute and urgent problems in sport management
is to consolidate professionals of sports enterprises and business area, whose active participation in economic processes can accelerate business processes, improve the functioning of various programs to support the development of the economy of sports industry in the country.


  • FOR PRACTITIONERS FROM SPORT, who are working in sports clubs, sports facilities, in federations and leagues in Russia and abroad

  • FOR REPRESENTATIVES OF BUSINESS, who are responsible for the development and promotion of their brand and products, preferring to use the most effective tools

  • FOR SPORTSMEN, who are interested in developing their own personal brand

  • FOR EVERYONE, who plans to develop or continue a career in sports management

  • YOU

  • 1000 square meters
    exhibition space

  • At least 500 contacts.
    Partners, sponsors, investors

  • At least 50 speakers

  • At least 30 panel discussions
    of acutest topics

  • Closed Gala Dinner
    with speakers and partners
    of the event

  • Football Tournament
    Sport Leaders Cup 2018

  • Masterclasses:
    Management and monetization of sports facilities
    and How to work with sponsors

  • Two days of real practice




Meetings with government officials, sports celebrity and the best international specialists of sports industry


Only effective promotion methods for increasing basic revenues and avoiding extra costs


Sports as a business. Advertising and promotion in the sports industry. Methods and monetization. Only effective cases from successful sportsmen.


A full package of sports business. From marketing strategy to management. Only an individual solution of complex problems

Sport Leaders —

all the best for the development of the leaders of the new Russian sport. The highest level of speakers and delegates representing four continents give useful practical content of the business program. It allows participants to use these achievements in their business practice as soon as possible.

18-19th of October, 2018.

registration of members and welcome coffee
panel sessions with reference to program of the event. The exhibition area of partners and interactive zones.
160 €
private gala dinner for speakers and partners of the Forum
140 €

Team of up to 4 members

160 €


Sport is developing actively

This applies not only to the sports component: new results, records and technological achievements. Modern sports organizations are compete with entertainment industry for the attention and interest of spectators and fans. The best practices and implemented cases are more valuable if they obtained directly from the leaders and pioneers as sports clubs, leagues and federations, which already conduct practical work on this direction. The accumulation of all useful knowledges and experience together, the exchanging opinions and developments with experts from sports and business is possible thanks to the Sport Leaders Global Forum.

Ilya Hercus

CEO of the football club Locomotive

Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome the organizers, participants and guests of Sport Forum 2018 in St. Petersburg.

Our city is multifaceted cultural center of Russia with a strong economics and business environment. A city that hosts various major international forums.

So pleasant to realise that the annual sports business forum — the Sport Leaders Global Forum — has appeared with the support of the Committee of Physical Culture and Sport of St. Petersburg. From the very beginning the Forum 2017 became international immediately and collected representatives of business and sports from Europe, the USA, India, China and Russia. I am sure that the organizers will develop this important and interesting project at the highest level.
I wish you to be productive, to make a constructive dialogue and to get unforgettable impressions of your stay in the beautiful city St. Petersburg!

Pavel Belov

Chairman of the Committee of Physical Culture and Sport of St. Petersburg

Sport Leaders Global Forum is an excellent platform for meeting business and sports.

It is wonderful that such platform arose in my native city, St. Petersburg. Russian business does not always analyze all benefits of cooperation with sports and sports organizations. It is always pleasant to see domestic cases and joint projects even if the world practice shows how perspective this direction is. The forum also provides an opportunity to get first-hand information. I was pleased to participate in the launch of the forum in 2017. It’s great that this story becomes annual as planned.

Alexander Kerzhakov

Russian football player, forward. Honored Master of Sports of Russia and the best scorer in the history of Russian football. Ambassador of St. Petersburg at the World Cup 2018

Global Forum is a very high quality and interesting event.

I am happy that this kind of forum appeared in St. Petersburg. And I was glad to take part on it as a speaker. We were lack of such forum in St. Petersburg. I am looking forward to the Sport Leaders Global Forum 2018.

Ilya Dybov

Regional representative of the League of Heroes in St. Petersburg, director of the Half Marathon Zabeg St. Petersburg

The event integrated top management

The event integrated top management of one of the most media but at the same time closed industry of sport and raised two the most actual issues and the strategic moments concerning the interaction of sports to related areas such us business, culture, social sphere. For us as for a major charity project which unites legendary athletes and Olympic sportsmen it was very valuable to interact with people who make the decision and exchange experience, spokesmen who was presented by large companies. I remember the case from FC Lokomotiv, social company FC Zenit, bright and very modern collaborations of entertainment technologies from Rosgosstrakh and especially those projects that concerned charity and participation of athletes, business and opinion leaders in it.

Tatiana Tan,
curator of the charitable project of families of sportsmen «Play and Help»

I was surprised pleasantly by the selection of speakers and the level of organizations of the forum.

I got a lot of useful information for myself and for the development of the team Rugby Club Bars! I am sure that this event should visit everyone who’s work or passion related with the development of sports. This is the first joint international event in St. Petersburg, which was attended by many media personalities from the field of sports. And participants had the opportunity to communicate with them in an almost informal atmosphere!

Maxim Shelephenok,
President of the Rugby Club Bars

This is the first event of this level in St. Petersburg

I got an opportunity to convey to the audience my vision, thoughts, trends and contradictions about the importance of serious attitude to the health especially if you are practicing sports. The development of the sports industry and the popularization of a healthy lifestyle can not go without medical support. These areas should cooperate with each other, both related to caring for a person, improving their well-being and prolonging life. Doctors of our clinic have extensive experience in this area.

Amazing people shared their experience here and I met the leaders of major successful projects such as Vladimir Voloshin, Ilya Dybov, Vasily Smolny and Artem Shevchuk. First of all events of this level are an opportunity for interaction between leaders and a possibility of creating a joint common content and emotional field. This is a business platform for communication of representatives of sports and business, for searching for new ideas for cooperation or investment. And moreover it is simply inspiring acquaintances with successful people. The format of the event allowed to choose communication with different speakers at different venues.

St. Petersburg is developing actively and the modern infrastructure of the city allows you to hold events at a very high level, that attracts interesting speakers and new partners. The Sport Leader Global Forum team contributes to the development of our city as a platform for active business interaction in the field of sports on the international level.

I want to point out the excellent organizational level of the event, the hight quality of networking: everything is clearly, well-thought-out, everything is organized with care of participants.

Oksana Barvinok,
founder of the gastro-hepatocenter «EXPERT»





Information partners


  • Strategic vision from the leaders of the industry

  • Trends in the mutual development of sports and commercial brands

  • A step-by-step strategy for working with the brand and the answer to the question "What should I do right now in order to get the result in the nearest future?"

  • Possibility of personal consultation with professionals and case authors

  • Understanding how to monetize brand resources

  • Actual cases from experienced specialists

  • Superior business networking


  • Case session: The skill of activation: how brands promote themselves through sport

  • Panel session: Sports and event tourism: the formula for success

  • Case session: This incredible FIFA World Cup: behind the scenes of the holiday

  • Case session: Creative promotion in sports: how does it work?

  • Case session: Best commercial activations of the FIFA World Cup

  • Panel discussion: Sport of higher achievements: life on the pedestal and outside it

  • Panel discussion: Sport, corporate social responsibility and charity: three parts of one whole

  • Panel discussion: Fitness and sports are two sides of the same coin

  • Case session: Bright digital and non-prescription communication - what gives sport a hyip?

  • Panel discussion: Boxing and MMA: how men's sport conquers the global audience

  • Panel session: Merchandising, equipment and licensing in sports. Professional secrets of big business

  • Case session: Best of the best: case studies of the season in sports marketing

  • Panel discussion: Rugby is the sport of the husky. Development and perspectives of rugby in Russia

  • Case session: Digital-tools for promoting sports in the media space. Instructions for use

  • Case Study: Sponsor? Partner? An investor? How to properly build a strategy for working with sponsors in sports.

  • Case study: Innovations in sport: technologies that change everything

  • Case session: Football leagues under a microscope. What is the key to success?

  • Panel discussion: I would go to the sport, let them teach me! What, how and where to study? How to find work in sports?

  • Case session: Arenas marketing: win-win strategy of work at sports facilities.

  • Case session: Super MatchDay: learn from the best.

  • Case session: Sports event-marketing: how to organize a mass sports event, attract people and earn on it

  • Panel discussion: Sports media: yesterday, today, tomorrow

  • Case session: Beach types: from active leisure to professional sports. What are the prospects?

  • Panel discussion: Children in sport: a sports school as a step into a big sport

  • Author's master class. The speaker of the League of Rates and Alexey Tkachuk, Strategic Development Director of Rating Bookmakers. All you wanted to know about sports betting, but were afraid to ask

  • Kommersant Open Talk Nikolai Valuev & Yolanda Chen

  • Open talk Vlastimil Petrzela & Ivan Zhidkov

  • Author's master class: Digital Strategy of Sports Federation. Motasem El Bawab, Digital Manager, FIBA.

  • Author's master-class: Sport and eSports: current issues through the eyes of lawyers. Natalia Neverovskaya, Managing Partner, Veronika Kurevleva, Lawyer, Unicom Legal.

  • Author's master class: The Word is the weapon of the winner. Julia Pago, producer, author and emcee of popular radio shows, teacher of oratory, technique and culture of speech.

  • A training seminar of the Russian International Olympic University "Sports facility - how to manage it effectively?" With the issuance of an official certificate. Maria Grishko, MBA, managing partner of Sport Leaders, teacher of RIOU

  • Training seminar RIOU "Strategy of work with sponsors - how to properly pack their resources?" With the issuance of an official certificate. Irina Kuderova, vice president of marketing, public organization "ROST", managing partner of Sport Leaders, teacher of RIOU

  • Presentation "Shanghai SIPG Football Club - principles of development and management". Mads Davidsen, Technical Director of Shanghai SIPG FC

it was
in 2017

  • 700+

    More than 700 TOP-level participants

  • 83

    83 practician-speakers

  • 32

    32 panel sessions and
    terabytes of information

  • 90+

    More than 90 media

  • 20+

    More than 20 signed

  • 3m+

    Total media coverage is
    3 832 000



    Managing partner of Sport Leaders, marketing vice-president in public organisation ROST, ex-evangelist of MTS (Mobile Tele System)

  • Maria Grishko

    Managing partner of Sport Leaders, program director of annual business events In Football and IT in Sport

  • Rostislav Plechko

    Managing Partner of Sport Leaders, President of the NGO ROST, professional boxer, Champion of Russia and WBA Asia heavyweight champion



Marine Facade, the shore of
Nevskaya Guba, Vasilyevskiy island, Building 1


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